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Scale Dialog

The Scale Dialog is used to select and configure the tone scale.

ScaleDialog.gif (10795 bytes)

How to open the scale dialog

To open the scale dialog click "Scale" from the "Tune" menu in the menu bar or click the scale button ScaleButton.gif (152 bytes) on the tool bar of the main window.

Selecting the temperament

Use the combo box to select the temperament. See the temperament tables for details about each scale. The default scale is "Well-Tempered, Perfect Octave". Note that you can also create you own temperaments by using the Temperament-Manger,


Use this field to select the keynote

Standard Pitch

You might change the frequency of the standard pitch in this field. The default frequency is 440.0 Hz.


Use this field to calibrate the scale. The whole scale will be "shifted" by this amount. You can use the Calibration-Calculator to calculate this value.

Octave Stretch

The octave stretch can only be configured in own custom temperaments (see My Temperaments). The octave stretch is measured in Cent and can be positive or negative. The perfect octave has an octave stretch of 0.

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