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Measurement Settings Dialog

The Measurement Settings Dialog is used to configure all settings that influence the measurement.

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How to open the measurement settings dialog

To open the measurement settings dialog click "Measurement" from the "Settings" menu in the menu bar.


In this section, you can choose the harmonics that are considered during the measurement. The numbers represent the multiplication factor to get the frequency of the harmonic (e.g.  2.0 is the perfect Octave).

Measurement Mode

With these radio buttons, you can change the mode of the measurement. Standard is a fast measurement mode that is accurate enough to tune most instruments. The Accurate mode has a better resolution than the standard and needs more time to display the results. The "Most Accurate" mode provides a resolution of 0.01 Cent. Note that this mode needs a steady tone for several seconds and can therefore not be used e.g. for a piano.

System Gage

Some old sound cards are not accurate. You can adjust the error for the input device and for the output device here. The default value is 0.0 Cent.

Auto Tone Detection

Use this radio buttons to configure whether the Instrument-tuner should change the current selected tone. There are two possible settings:

Off If the auto tone detection is turned "Off", the selected reference tone will not be changed automatically.
On If the auto tone swapping is turned "On", Instrument-Tuner will change the selected reference tone by a half or a whole tone if the measured frequency lies within these boundaries.

Auto Measurement Stop

If the auto measurement stop is turned off, Instrument-Tuner will display each measurement. If turned on, Instrument-Tuner will only display measurements that contain a tone "near" the reference tone.

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